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The Friulian Dolomites are the wildest mountains of the Dolomite chains. Located very far from roads, structures and ski facilities, they are uncrowded and offer unique landscapes.

If you are looking for a place to live the Dolomites in absolute silence, the Friulian Dolomites are the right place for you!

The sharp peaks and the wildest alpine meadows cannot be reached by car or lift but on foot, along the paths of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park. Refuges and bivouacs offer refreshment and overnight in front of the ridges and forks!

Everything extraordinarily exciting!

Emotions capture you from the first contact, just a few steps and you will be surrounded by an unspoiled natural paradise. Extended valleys, with no main roads and towns, penetrate among  Dolomite peaks elevating the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites to the degree of “wilderness”, ideal place for naturalistic excursions and trekking. Away from city bustle and modern life stress, you are in a silent quiet, important factor in improving our quality of life. Contemplative walks, rock climbing; observe nature or just relax in a pleasant idleness.

Here you can download the map of Dolomiti Friulane...


The Friulian Dolomites are characterized by a high degree of wilderness. Here, more than in other places, it is possible to admire all the power of nature with modest signs of anthropization.


mappa sistemi dolomitici unesco dolomites

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mappa dolomiti friulane unesco



The Dolomitic system number 4 (Friulian Dolomites and Oltre Piave) extends in the provinces of Udine and Pordenone and for a short distance also in that of Belluno. It has an area of 21,461 hectares and is enclosed between the Piave river, the upper course of the Tagliamento river, the Val Tramontina and the Val Cellina.

One of the most spectacular views of the Friulian Dolomites can also be had from the window of your home or hotel! The Alpine Pearl of Forni di Sopra (UD) allows you to enjoy a spectacular sunrise or sunset over the Dolomites even from the central square of the village. The north-east walls of the Friulian Dolomites, which overlook the village of Forni di Sopra, are the first to be illuminated by the morning sun. The moment when the first sun illuminates the Dolomites is an extraordinary gift from nature. The phenomenon is called alpenglow and repeats itself at every sunrise and every sunset in good weather: the clear rock of the Dolomites takes on a spectacular color between pink and orange with different shades depending on the weather conditions.


dolomiti friulane enrosadira fornidisopra


What are the main peaks of the Friulian Dolomites?

From north to south:  the Cridola mountain (2,581 m), the Monfalconi (Cima Monfalcon 2,548 m) - inside which is the spectacular Campanile di Val Montanaia (2,173 m) - the Spalti di Toro (Cadin di Toro 2,386 m) and the Duranno group (2,652 m) -Cima Preti (2,706 m).

Click hete to look some Dolomiti Friulane e d'Oltrepiave pictures!


The Natural Park of Friulan Dolomites

Everything extraordinarily exciting

The Regional Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites was established by the Regional Law of the Autonomous Region of Friuli – Venezia Giulia on September 30th 1996. The Park is included in the mountain area above the high Friuli- Venetian plain. The protected area extends from the province of Pordenone to that of Udine and embraces Valcellina (municipalities of Andreis, Cimolais, Claut, Erto and Casso), the Upper Valley of Tagliamento (Forni di Sopra, Forni di Sotto municipalities) and territories converging towards Val Tramontina (municipalities of Frisanco and Tramonti di Sopra).

Extension of Park

The Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites is the largest of the only two parks in Friuli-Venezia Giulia: with an area of ​​36,950 hectares. Nearby there is also the Regional Nature Reserve of the Cellina Gorge (304 hectares), managed by the Park itself.

Territory of Park

The Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites is a paradise for naturalistic hiking and trekking; all activities are guaranteed by an adequate network of trails and several support structures (huts – shelters, bivouacs). The territory, considered of great geological, environmental and natural interest, is characterized by a high degree of wilderness, particularly noticeable thanks to the absence of communication roads (there are only a few ways of penetration into the valley and service slopes not connected among the large valleys) and also difficult to find, by extension, in other areas of the Alps. The chain Monfacloni with the Campanile of Val Montanaia, the “Canpuros” high altitude grasslands, the pastures of Senons and wilderness of the Meduna Channels, make it a unique environment. Connected to the park there is also the nearby Natural Reserve of the Cellina Gorge, significant and spectacular engraving that the Cellina stream has dug in the limestone layers among Barcis, Andreis and Montereale Valcellina before its outlet in the Friulian plain. The morphology of these mountains reveals a remarkable and continuous evolution of the territory demonstrated by the presence of faults, thrust faults and fractures in opposition to moraines and earth pyramids due to the excavation and deposit of ancient glaciers; peaks and dolomite towers (Campanile of Val Montanaia), as well as rock layers with many different characteristics (the San Daniele “books”) also indicate an intense alpine erosion.

The area is affected by three major tectonic lines: “Upper Tagliamento line”, “Overthrust Duranno Monte Alto Meduna” and ” Periadriatic Overthrust (or fault)”. The latter can be easily identified in the Andreis area, south of Mount Raut, which determines a singular landscape. Another factor that has characterized the geomorphological aspect of the inland areas, was the widespread presence of glaciers, lasted until a few thousand years ago, in all the valleys of the pre-Alpine area. The proofs are highlighted by some valley sections and large and small glacial “circuses” modeled in the mountainous sides. We must also remember the great deposits of the Monte Toc landslide (or Vajont), evoking the catastrophe of 1963 and constituting a single example of a colossal landslide.



The idea of ​​establishing a nature reserve in the western part of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia was born in 1973 with the document “First Proposals for the establishment of a Park in Alta Valcellina”. Five years later was drafted the Regional Urban Plan which identified the regional areas to be protected and within it was also included this territory field.
In the three years 1986/1989 was drafted the Plan of Conservation and Development on behalf of the Region and in consultation with the municipalities involved. The following year the municipalities of Andreis, Cimolais, Claut, Erto and Casso and Forni di Sopra adopted the Plan and the Park was established under the name of “Park of the Carnic Pre-Alps”; later, in 1991, with the support also of Forni di Sotto Municipality was signed an agreement that created a “Coordinating Committee” which occupied the start management of the protected area. The initiative to decide which the protected area were to be, at the beginning, was started by the local authorities concerned.
Finally in 1996, the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia promulgates the Regional Law #42 of September 30th , which, in adaptation to the national legislation (Law 394/1991), permanently establishes the “Regional Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites”.
The park has as its general objective the preservation of the peculiarities of the area by improving the natural environment and its resources, but also to pursue a compatible development also proposing alternative models, promoting the naturalistic culture through educational activities and information and setting up research and monitoring activities on the territory.

The area of the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites concerns inhabited environments, although the presence of man and its work has left significant traces. In fact in different areas of the park we can find many structures (furnaces) for the manufacturing of lime.
Restoration and preservation of traditions are one of the Park’s objectives and that helped to support initiatives and projects like that of charcoal, old process for the transformation of wood into charcoal. Throughout the territory we can also find huts, ruins of shelters for shepherds, mule tracks, paths and numerous other signs of human presence in total respect of the environmental and natural balance.

The Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites is also tasked to enhance and preserve these historical signs that are part of the precious ethnographic and natural heritage. Environmental ethics and respect of nature values were much more rooted in our ancestors that lived in symbiosis with the environment trying to respect it as much as possible, because it was the main source of livelihood, from which they took the raw materials for their work.

The park protagonists:

Wish to fly is the first feeling when you look silently the majestic golden eagle flight, the only true queen of each valley. Or the desire to jump like the Alpine ibexes that you may see along the steep paths. The entire Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites is full of life, it is easy to meet, on your way, herds of deer, chamois and roe deer. See grouses or black grouses escaping from your path. Observe young marmots run after each other. Unforgettable moments!

Winter between snow and ice

In winter, the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites glows of a special light and the landscape becomes a fairy-tale. Walks with cross-country skis or snowshoes, ski mountaineering in quiet places full of magic, climbing courses on frozen waterfalls, just those thrilling attractions that you can try in the winter months. Rediscover the positive side of the sub-zero!

Summer between scents and colors

Imagine a deep blue sky, bright green valleys, red mountains at sunset, hear the gurgle of clear streams: here you are in the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites. 37,000 hectares of colors and scents. You will be enchanted in front of the white and delicate Huter Sandstone or intense blue Gentian Froelich, while the scent of nature instills a feeling of instant wellness. Everywhere you can breathe fresh smells, strong like the pine or delicate like the wild orchid.

Majestic peaks

Surrounded by the peaks of Monfalconi, that shoot up into the sky in the middle of a glacial basin, here rises, solitary and hieratic, the Peak of Val Montanaia, universally recognized as the symbol of Val Cimoliana, the Park’s heart. You will be delighted in front of this imposing tower pointing to the sky, climbed for the first time in 1902 by the Austrians Saar and Von Glanvell, which is now essential destination for any climbing enthusiast. Surprising are the fossilized footprints of dinosaurs that can be observed at Casavento while to see the curious erosion phenomenon of San Daniele Books on Mount Borgà you have to reach an altitude of 2200 meters.

escursionismo Campanile di Val Montanaia

parco dolomiti friulane

Dolomiti Friulane Natural Park
Via Vittorio Veneto 1 - Forni di Sopra
Touris Information Forni di Sopra:
Promoturismo FVG
TEL: +39.0433.886767
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Just like an enchanting fairy tale landscape!

photographs of the Forni di Sopra and Dolomites




Forni di Sopra is the main tourist center in the Dolomites of the Friuli V.G. region, in the north east of Italy

forni di sopra dolomites winter panoramica


The Info-Point Tourist Office is open all year round to provide complete and comprehensive information to Forni di Sopra guests, it's possible to receive informative material, brochures, maps, events program of Forni di Sopra, of the Dolomites and more...

Info-Point Tourist Office

Via Cadore n.1

33024 Forni di Sopra (UD)
Tel. +39 0433 886767
Fax +39 0433 886686
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

logo promoturismp fvg


The best webcams in the Forni di Sopra valley, Varmost ski resort and Dolomites.

Webcams updated in real time installed in the most panoramic points of the Forni di Sopra valley, view points of the ski areas, Central square and Dolomites.

On this page you can find the panoramic webcams of Forni di Sopra. To view the web cam in a larger format you can click on the image, a new window will open with the full-screen webcam.

Your favorite Webcam in Dolomites!


Live webcam camera on the valley of Forni di Sopra positioned at 960 m altitude. This webcam is pointed towards the village of Forni di Sopra. In the background the main Church. On the right at the bottom you can see the Davòst ski area.

webcam valle di forni di sopra


High definition webcam (live video streaming), located at 1050 m altitude in view point place "Kolorman", arrival point of the "Cimacuta" ski chairlift. The webcam points eastwards. In the foreground, the ski slopes of the Forni di Sopra school camps, with Monte Lagna and Clapsavon at the top. By clicking on the buttons at the bottom you can see the streaming video image in full screen.


New Webcam installed at an altitude of 1750 M. in Malga Varmost - Forni di Sopra. The Webcam rotates 360° in all directions and allows a view of the ski slopes, Varmost hut and the arrival station of the Varmost due chairlift. The views of the mountains are extraordinary: from the Bivera and Clap Savon mountains, to the king of the Dolomites, Antelao mountain, passing through the magical peaks of the Friulian Dolomites. The webcam can be controlled with the mouse to view the views at will and also offers the functions of Timelapse, archive, sharing and more.


Web-cam camera positioned at 930 m elevation at the Hotel Edelweiss in Forni di Sopra
Webcam pointing westward, with a view of the Varmost chairlift departure point and a view of the Friulian Dolomites of Forni di Sopra.

Webcam Forni di Sopra - Hotel Edelweiss


Webcam installed in 2004 by the Municipality of Forni di Sopra with aiming at the intersection of the Center of Forni di Sopra, between the Via Nazionale and Via Roma, in front of the Town Hall and the Hotel Posta.

Centro Fondo Forni di Sopra


Web cam installed by PromoturismoFVG from which you can see the area of the Davost ski school camps in Forni di Sopra. Pointing in south-east direction. The webcam also offers an indication of air temperature.

Webcam Forni di Sopra campi scuola sci


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WEBCAM ON "FORCELLA SCODAVACCA" GIAF - Dolomiti Friulane mountains

Automatic webcam camera positioned at an altitude of 900 m. The Webcam is pointed in a westward direction in the direction of Mount Cridola and the Forcella Scodavacca, symbol of the Friulian Dolomites.

dolomiti fornidisopra webcam


Webcam camera installed by the Municipality of Forni di Sopra positioned at 900 M.  This Webcam is pointed in a southerly direction and frames the "Davost" area with the ski slopes of the school camps.

forni di sopra webcam daost



Automatic web-cam camera positioned at 2100 m elevation on Mount Crusicalas (Varmost ski slopes, the highest in the Friuli Venezia Giula region). Webcam pointing south-west.
NOTES: sometimes it doesn't work.

Webcam - Crusicalas Varmost


The webcams are installed in the most suggestive observation points of Forni di Sopra

and are updated in real-time every 3-5 minutes.


Webcam Forni di Sopra  |  Webcam Ski Area Varmost  |  Webcam Dolomiti Friulane



Hotels in Forni di Sopra

panoramica forni di sopra dolomiti inverno

Hotel Edelweiss ***

27 badrooms
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Via Nazionale 19
Tel: 0433.88016
Fax: 0433.88017

Albergo Posta ***

37 Badrooms
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Via Nazionale 174
Tel: 0433.88423
Fax: 0433.88593

Hotel Davost ***

36 Badrooms
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Via Tagliamento 26
Tel: 0433.88103
Fax: 0433.886775

Albergo Centrale ***

13 Badrooms
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P.zza del Comune 6
Tel: 0433.88062
Fax: 0433.886984

Albergo La Stube ***

10 Badrooms
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Via Nazionale 276
Tel: 0433.88158
Fax: 0433.886684

Hotel Coton ***

21 Badrooms
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Via Bor 1
Tel: 0433.88066
Fax: 0433.886675

Albergo Nuoitas ***

19 Badrooms
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Loc. Nuoitas
Tel: 0433.88387
Fax: 0433.886956

Meublè Tarandan ***

12 Badrooms
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Via Vittorio Veneto 24
Tel: 3312061800

Hotel I Larici ****

68 Badrooms
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Via Chianeit 13
Tel: 0433.886701
Fax: 0433.886710

Albergo Villa Alpina ***

36 Badrooms
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Via Mad. della Salute 18
Tel: 0433.88120
Fax: 0433.886655

Pensione Lena **

18 Badrooms
Via Mad. della Salute 7
Telefoni: 0433.88064
Fax: 0433.88064

Campings in Forni di Sopra

Camping "Tornerai"
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Loc. Stinsans
Tel: 0433.88035
Fax: 0433.88035

Case per ferie a Forni di Sopra

Villa Verde
28 Badrooms
Via Nazionale, 58
Tel: 0433.88257 – 0433.88100
Fax: 0433.88257


Rifugio Flaiban Pacherini m. 1587 Val di Suola
Tel: 0433.88555
Rifugio Giaf m. 1405 Val di Giaf
Tel: 338.7856338
Baita Som Picol
Comprensorio Varmost
Tel: 0433-88056 (info - comune)
Ricovero Casera Valmenon m. 1778 (gestito d'estate)
Tel: 339 5309361
Bivacco Marchi-Granzotto m. 2200 Val Monfalcon di Forni
Ricovero Casera Lavazeit m. 1813
Ricovero Casera Montemaggiore m. 1762
Ricovero Cason di Brica m. 1745 Val di Brica


Malga Tartoi m. 1711, telefono: 339-5309361
Malga Tragonia m. 1742, telefono: 3332732924
Malga Varmost m. 1758, telefono: 338-1618224


• Agenzia Astra - rent apartments
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Via Tagliamento 1
Telefoni: 0433.886761
Fax: 0433.886761
• Agenzia La Fornese - rent apartments
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Via Roma, 15
Telefoni: 0433.88100
Fax: 0433.886921


FORNI DI SOPRA, Pearl of Dolomites

Paradise in the Park of the Friulian Dolomites, ideal for a holiday made of sport, adventure and nature, without a car!

forni di sopra- dolomites

The beauty of the landscape in this area of the region has impressed the Unesco as well and in fact since June 2009 the Dolomites of the Friuli Venezia Giulia are officially one of the wonderful places considered World Natural Heritage placed under the protection of the Unesco. Obviously then there is no place for indifference when looking at and when talking of Forni di Sopra: it is a small town located in the Northern part of the Tagliamento valley, between Carnia and Cadore (two close mountain areas).This small town lying in an absolutely beautiful area, whose beauty is not easy to find elsewhere, seems the perfect scenery for old stories and wonderful fairy tales.

Forni di Sopra is quite important in terms of environment safeguarding, but it is also the perfect resort for those who love snow and all snow-related activities. Tourists will find a 15 km wide ski area and the chance to discover amazing hidden landscape areas characterizing these diversified downhill skiing slopes. The needs of beginners can be met: they can enjoy downhill skiing on the Davost slopes, whereas the more expert skiers can test their ability on the thrilling slopes on Monte Varmost and ski on very long slopes located between 900 and 2100 metres.

However for those who prefer other sport activities there are tracks for cross-country skiing: 13km of slopes located in a sort of idyllic landscape along the Tagliamento river shore and which are part of the cross-country ski Dolomites area. In this area you will discover the most well-known villages and municipalities of the Dolomites. For those who really love direct contact with nature there are several off track skiing slopes. Children (and not only) will enjoy real fun in absolute safety on the snow playground known as Fantasy Snow Park. In the Fantasy Park there are also slopes for sleds and rubber dinghies and even adults who cannot or do not ski can spend a nice day on the snow.

At the end of a nice day spent skiing, the well-known and appreciated hospitality, the excellent and also well-known local cuisine are there waiting for you: to render your day an even better day! Forni di Sopra is also a celebrated host of several competitions at professional level: in 2012 for example the cross country skiing Coppa Europa competitions took place here. The year after the cross country skiing Juniores Italian Championship was held here. This municipality finally on the highest part of the Val del Tagliamento, is a natural point of access to the beautiful Parco Naturale in the Friuli Dolomites area.

No matter the age you can enjoy trips and excursions also for teaching purposes or just to enjoy nature.

Forni di Sopra, heart of Dolomites

Here we live in an environment recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage.


Watch the video of Forni di sopra:



forni di sopra dolomiti unesco

Forni di Sopra tourist office: 
logo promoturismp fvg
Infopoint PromoTurismo FVG
Via Cadore, 1
I - 33024 Forni di Sopra (UD)
tel. +39 0433 886767
fax +39 0433 886686
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




News for skiers in Forni di Sopra: for the winter 2020-2021 the new ski slope "Plan dai Pos" is available, which descends on the shoulder of Monte Simon at 2000 m.

ski varmost fornidisopra

 The new Varmost track, a variant of the V3 track, is 850 meters long and will be added to the already known routes that descend from 2100 to 900 meters, the longest in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

The new "Plan dai Pos" slope is of medium difficulty and branches off to the right of the "Varmost 3" Crusicalas slope. It is carefully inserted in the natural environment of Monte Simon and has panoramic views of the Dolomites


SKI MAP of Forni di Sopra - Varmost

mappa invernale PER SITO WEB


Video varmost Ski Area:


We know the new managers of the Giaf Refuge, in the Friulian Dolomites, in Forni di Sopra.

The Giaf Refuge is located in Forni di Sopra in the province of Udine, owned by the municipality, and is managed by the local Section of the Italian Alpine Club.

The new tender for the management of the refuge was assigned to the company directed by the Guide Tommaso Lizzi, a boy of origins from Fornesi who returned to his country after years of adventures around the world. Alessandro and Marco will be with him, two other young mountain enthusiasts who have left the metropolis of Rome to live in the Alps. The new management takes over from Antonietta Spizzo and Dario Masarotti who led the refuge from 2011 to 2019.

tommaso lizzi

Tommaso Lizzi

Alessandro Puntoriero

Marco politi

Marco Politi

The Giaf Refuge is located at an altitude of 1400 m. on the north-east side of Monfalconi and Monte Cridola, the most beautiful Dolomites in Friuli. The environment is typically Dolomite with peaks with walls that contrast with the green of the woods located on the gentler slopes at their base.

rifugio giaf

Contacts Refuge Giaf Hutte:
Tommaso Lizzi, Alessandro Puntoriero e Marco Politi
Tel: 338.7856338
Emal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.